About us

Marco Antonio Gallon graduated in architecture in 1990 at the University "La Sapienza" with the design Interporto goods to be carried out in support of industrial agglomeration Frosinone area of ​​100,000 square meters.

Since the second half of the 80 runs the family business with 15 employees, specializing in woodworking in the design and production of furniture and interior fixtures.

After a brief stint at an authoritative study of design and construction of tourist resorts located in West Palm Beach in Florida and a subsequent intense experience in Portugal that saw him establish and manage the foreign company SERVIZINDUSTRIA Srl, specialized in the design and implementation of industrial sites in Italy and abroad, with headquarters in Milan, finally realized his dream in 1993 with the creation of his own studio studio in Frosinone with the aim of returning one day to deal with, as well as the Italian market also foreign market.

Then begins with the study and design of the first architectural projects related to public speaking and / or as a consultant to small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of urban planning.

The study remains active until 2010 the year in which changes in the GEA + + Architecture Srl with the objectives set at the beginning of their career or those managing design and construction of medium and large in Italy and abroad for their own account or for large industrial groups or estate.

The particularity of the GEA + + Architecture is the lively professionalism that makes an integrated team of professionals who contribute to the creation of works of high quality complying with the increasingly stringent requirements of our customers.